Art Gallery

Welcome to our Art Gallery…

Nott Autocorp and Jordan Miller have teamed up to bring you a gorgeous collection of art. All of the artwork is available for purchase through Nott Autocorp. Jordan Miller is the curator for the Nott Art Gallery and is available to answer all of your questions on the pieces. Please have a look online, or come down to our Showroom, and experience the pieces for yourself in person like they were intended.

A Little About the Artists…

Please click on the artists below to see their individual pieces, and learn a little about each artist.

Ashleigh Dawn Weibe | Bhavni Bhakoo | Blake McArthur | Catherine Ugrin | Dave Swiecicki | Doug Smith | Jennifer Labella | Jordan Miller | June Derksen | Kathleen Black | Kevin Friedrich | Larry Rich | Manny Martins Karman | Michel Saint Hilaire | Reymond Page | Sari Habiluk | Trent Heintz

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