Dave Swiecicki

The artist profile and pieces of Dave Swiecicki.

Artist Profile of Dave Swiecicki

Even while immersed in music for more than a decade as keyboardist and guitar player for Winnipeg hard rock outfit Jet Set Satellite, photographer Dave Swiecicki’s sense of composition, atmosphere and texture
conjured rich, cinematic visuals possessing both resonant subtlety and moving drama. The camera now his instrument of choice, Dave’s unbridled passion to be creative has driven him to spend endless hours in the field quickly amassing an impressive portfolio and  a breathtaking visual aesthetic inspired by everything from the films of Stanley Kubrick to the print design of Saul Bass.

Dave Swiecicki’s artistic creations come alive at his studio.  Recently Dave has also taken up painting, creating heavily textured abstract pieces that express emotions that cannot be found in his photography.  Dave has also begun exploring the realm of video and has produced and directed two music videos.  Soon more will be added to his repertoire.

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