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Artist Profile of Doug Smith

Statement On Paintings:

My paintings live in both the narrative and formalist genre and content is as a vehicle, to permeate into the pictorial image. They are experiments in colour field and compositional arrangements, being essentially an open-ended narrative, albeit elusive and not necessarily self-evident. Though I work in the narrative genre, I incorporate colour field painting and conceptual design alongside hand-cut paper elements to enliven the visual surface. The multi-media usage of surface treatment is often worked and reworked to bring the painting to a final state. I want the paintings to oscillate somewhere between formalism and serious play where the content, the scenes, are a curious construct of meaningfulness and childlike approach – a take on the idea of our singularity in complex surroundings, terrestrial or cosmic. There is no fixed locale in my work; my interest lay in disrupting a particular sense of time and place, towards something more primordial. In a constant decision-making process I try to construct a particular visage that seemingly portrays something tangible, yet where the composition is also crafted to disrupt that same tangibility. 

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Jordan Miller is the Curator for the Nott Art Gallery. All of the pieces are available for purchase. Comments and questions are welcome.

Doug Smith - Night Flight
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