Michel Saint Hilaire

The artist profile and pieces of Michel Saint Hilaire.

Artist Profile of Michel Saint Hilaire

Michel Saint Hilaire is a fine artist and explores diverse mediums, creating mainly with acrylic paint. For several years he has been highly prolific within the realm of the visual arts scene in Winnipeg. His works have been shown in diverse galleries, such as the Maison des Artistes, the French Cultural Centre gallery and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. He decided to take a hands on approach since than, and develop a creative and diverse entrepreneurial artist’s career. He has excelled as a muralist, and has instructed several types of artist workshops in his community and throughout the province of Manitoba.  He lives currently in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Jordan Miller is the Curator for the Nott Art Gallery. All of the pieces are available for purchase. Comments and questions are welcome.

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