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Winter is coming. Prepare your vehicle.

Let us get your vehicle prepared.

Do not let our currently warm temperature in Winnipeg, Manitoba fool you…winter is coming…and you your vehicle needs to be ready. Our Canadian winters post a unique threat to vehicles with our record breaking temperature lows and pot-holes that seem to be everywhere. Let Nott Autocorp take care or your vehicle, and prepare it for the coming winter.

Get Winter Tires.

winter-tires2There is no two-ways about it. In our climate your vehicle needs to have winter tires. Winter tires are made of a different rubber than all-season or summer tires. This rubber is designed for the cold and slush, and provides you with proven benefits in acceleration, handling and stopping power.

Check and Replace Your Fluids.

Winter is hard on your vehicle inside and out which includes the engine and drivetrain. For the best performance and longevity of your vehicle, check and replace all the fluids in your. Typical fluids that should be checked and changed for winter would be your coolant, oil, brake fluid, windsheild washer fluid and transmission fluid.

Check Your Battery.

car batteryThe battery in your vehicle has a tough job getting your vehicle started in the dead of winter. Have your battery checked and maintained to ensure your vehicle is getting the CCA (cold cranking amps) that it needs to get going and stay going. There is a wide range of batteries available…let us recommend one for you.

Window Wipers.

One of the most overlooked winter preparations for your vehicle is the window wipers. Replacing them before the cold turns them into a cracked and broken, window-scraping issue is an easy way to protect yourself.

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Nott AutoCare is more than happy to serve you and your family for car repairs in Winnipeg or to book an appointment for auto service with the highest efficiency, and dependability. Our Nott Family Certified 160-point inspection assures you that we will go beyond expectations to ensure your vehicle is at its highest standard. Get a free estimate in Winnipeg for car repair, truck repair (diesel, 4×4), suv repair and minivan repairs.


  • We SERVICE all makes and models.
  • Warranty approved maintenance.
  • Accredited MPI mechanical repair facility.
  • Better Business Bureau member.


We also have a new machine, the Hunter 3D Wheel Alignment that can analyze your vehicle in 90 seconds this ensures that we go beyond expectations with your vehicle is at its highest standard.

Our state of the art Autologic Diagnostics Tool is linked live to European Master Technicians, and we are the only service center in Canada with the newest platform. This tool can diagnose most European makes.

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